Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Go Jump in the river that is to cool off from this hot dry summer weather. The summer season is finally upon us....finally and we for one @ intercityhvac are looking forward to a long long long hot hot hot summer that should be one to remember. The summer brings heat that can be unbearable and what better way to make sure that you don't have any unnecessary expenses and breakdowns when it comes to your cooling system than quarterly maintenance. Listen I am not trying to tell you anything that you dont already know, you dont change the oil in your car...the engine will burn. Alternately you don't change your filters, and maintain your a/c units the system will fail and usually on the hottest summer days. Usually the units are dirty overworked and neglected and people expect them to work when they turn the thermostat down. If you had an employee that was dirty, overworked and neglected imagine how he would perform. Ya, about that well!!
Call me@ 714.414.2728 and we will take care of your business to keep it going strong, and your home cool.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

God Bless El Nino its gonna be a HOT HOT summer

According to meteorologists and weathermen alike this "El Nino" is going to create a hot and possibly sticky summer full of fun in the sun, outdoor sports and events, lounging by the lake and most importantly Indoor Air Quality.....mainly Air Conditioning!
If indoor sports are your thing, you work indoors or you just need relief from the unbearable heatwaves that are coming your A/C unit is a very important mechanical piece of equipment. The general maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment is crucial for happy employees, a good comfortable working and living environment because lets face it most of us spend more time at the workplace than at home and its just as important for indoor air quality as it is at home. There are many options to consider when thinking about the quality of air that you breath, and there are many solutions for a healthier workplace whether its carbon filtering or UV(Ultra Violet), or even Hepa systems that eliminate and kill allergens and toxins out of the air. Just visit our website and send us a request for consultation and we will be happy to come out and measure your indoor air quality, and try and meet the demand for your establishment whether its a restaurant or a building or even a home, call us and one of our licensed contractors will come and give a free estimate.